Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
Contract Engineering

Delivering Better ROI

Comit consults with companies developing electronic products to conduct resource audits and determine a comprehensive range of value added electronic engineering services required to address your product development roadmap.

Comit creates competitive advantage by improving your ability to react to marketplace changes, while effecting cost savings through scalable infrastructure and personnel, delivering better Return on Investment.

Range of Services

Range of services covered include all services required for successive stages of your product development from the time that product architecture is completed, up to the time of handoff to contract manufacturers


All implementation engineering capacity: infrastructure, personnel, computer systems and tools are planned to be scalable up and down within jointly agreed plan limits to match the size and specifics of your product roadmap


The scope of services includes:
  1. design, development, test and integration engineering required to build or program FPGAs, ASICs, boards and systems necessary to create products
  2. their maintenance, bug-fix, customization and new version releases
The scope of the contract engineering consulting covers both hardware and software engineering activities.

Maximum Flexibility Maximum Control

Contract Engineering enables companies to enjoy maximum flexibility, time-to-market and ROI benefits, while retaining maximum control over their marketplace offerings.

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